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Customize your tins per your requirements.

Want To Customize Your Brand Tins?

Different requirements for different metal tins, just contact us for details.

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Competitive Price

  • Cooperation partner tinplate supplier
  • Finished & semi-finished item product supply
  • Large quantity purchasing discount

Company Certification

  • Intertek
  • Sira
  • Technical Report

OEM & ODM Service

20 years experience in OEM / ODM Service

Trade Capability

  • 7/24 Response
  • Average Lead Time: 45 Days
  • Payment Type: TT, Paypal

Production Capability

  • Mold: More than 2500 sets of molds
  • Production Lines: 8+
  • Month Output: 8 million pcs metal tins
  • Factory Size:20,000 square meters

Professional Printing

Japanese Fuji P453 iron printing machine.

We Find Solutions For Each Type Of Packaging

Fast delivery and good quality.

By Shape

Heart Tins / Rectangular Tins / Round Tins / Square Tins / Cylindrical Tins / Other Shape Tins

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By Color

White Tins / Black Tins / Silver Tins / Golden Tins / Colorful Tins

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By Use

Candle Tins / Tobacco Tins / Coffee Tins / Wine Tins / Tea Tins / Cosmetic Tins / Food Tins / Storage Tins

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Our Main Sales Channels

  • Overseas Importers
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • E-commerce Platform
  • Shop Owners
  • Vendors

Email us at sales@tinboxmanufacture.com or call us at 0086-755-85288890

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