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Our Printing Factory

With the latest printing machine made in Japan, we can fulfill all kinds of metal printing you can see in the market, such as CMYK or Pantone, Matte or shiny finishing, Contrast between matt and shiny finishing, Flocked, brushed, wooden effects and so on.

professional printing machine

Typical Printing Effect

gloss silver

White Magnetic + 4C

gloss silver

White Ink + 4C



Gloss Silver

gloss gold

Gloss Gold

UV + Matte

Explosion Ink

Rubber Varnish

pearl ink

Pearl Ink

Important: According to customer requirements, we will provide One More printing effect for your to choose from free of charge. Contact us to get your exclusive printing.

Our Advantage

advantage machine

The latest metal printing machine.

advantage engineers

Professional and experienced engineers can guarantee the printing effect.

advantage comparison

Printed sample comparison with Pantone and magnifying glass.

advantage printing

We can provide all printing effects you can see in the market, and also we can suggest a better printing solution for your customized metal tins.

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