• Auto Production Line

    High efficiency and High-quality Auto Metal Tins Production Process.

Auto Production Line

As we all know, tin cans craft has hundreds of years of development history, and it started from handwork beating. But now in the 21st century, Tin can craft has been developed into a fully automated production line, which includes Tin Lid Automotive Production Line,Tin Body Automotive Production Line and Tin Bottom Automotive Production Line. Automatical  stamping processing has been more and more widely used in recent years because of its good interchangeability and energy-saving, what’s more, it can obtain wall thin, lightweight, rigidity, high surface quality and complex shape parts which other processing methods can not or are difficult to manufacture. Tsing learned these advantages and adopted the latest automotive production line in our can tin production.

auto production line


production time

Shorten the production time. Because it can work for a long time and the efficiency of the operation is high, an automated production line can be easily coped with large supply requirements.


Reduce production mistakes and product differences. Automated production lines are operated in accordance with the set operating procedures, the entire production process stability can highly improve product consistency.


The stamping processes that can be automated are: cutting (punching), bending, cutting edges, punching and other processes.

production capability

The use of automated production lines can significantly improve labor productivity and reduce costs.

design requirements

Automotive production line can achieve more and more kinds of design requirements.

tin lid

Tin Lid Automotive

The metal tins can be both produced with total artificial product line, half-auto production line and auto-production line. With the development of metal tin workmanship, it’s a trend of using auto production line. And China has now been the leader of the production of metal tin. With auto-production line, it’s the cleanest and fastest than the other two kinds of product line. It’s a trend to use auto production line to produce metal tins.

Tin Body Automotive

Tsing grasped the trend and adopted the auto product line in our product of our customized metal tins. As with the auto production line, we can fulfill all kinds of irregular shapes of metal tins. What’s more, it can complete the order with less time and the product quality is much better than hand workship. It can reduce production mistakes and product differences, shorten the production time and significantly improve labor productivity and reduce costs.

tin lid

Tin Bottom Automotive

Tsing complete most of our orders with our auto product line. But with some specil workmanship, we will also use the artificial product line, half-auto production line. But no matter which product line we choose, Tsing will complete our customers’ orders on time with quantiy and quality. So please don’t worry to work with us. Tsing will provide you with competitive price, better customer service and quality products.

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