• Production

Professional Metal Tin Packaging Manufacture

The production process starts with the cutting of the metal sheet, and then proceeds with the shaping of the parts (body, bottom and lid) with the chosen mold. Every step in production are strictly checked and cleaned before massive production to confirm the metal tins can be produced cleanly and correctly.


Tsing Tin Cans Production and Package

metal cutting

Metal Cutting

All the tinplates will be cut with the professional cutting machine according to its printed image to ensure the maximize usage of the metal tinplate.

shaping of parts

Shaping of Parts

In this step, the designed molds will be used to get the correct size of
the customized tin packaging.

tins packing

Tins Packing

All tins will be wiped with a dust-free cloth. And an internal inspection will be proceeded according to AQL 2.5/4.0 standard. In order to make sure all tin boxes arrived in good condition, we implement multiple solutions to protect them.

These include: 1.Polybag 2.Dividing cards 3.double corrugated carton box 4. Wooden pallet (if needed)



We ship internationally by sea, plane and road.

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