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Durability of materials used in Tsing bulk tea canisters

In the world of tea lovers, there is a search for a suitable loose tea caddy for storage. Tsing is a large-scale, high-end iron can packaging manufacturer integrating design, innovation, and service, specializing in producing customized bulk tea canisters. In this guide, we will introduce you to the durability of the materials selected for Tsing custom bulk tea canisters, ensuring that your tea stays fresh and delicious for an extended period.

Why is durability so important for bulk tea canisters?

Durability ensures the integrity of loose tea cans, protecting tea leaves from external factors such as moisture, light, air, etc. Because loose tea is highly susceptible to degradation when exposed to the elements, resulting in a loss of flavor, aroma, and potency over time. Additionally, durability increases the lifespan and reusability of loose tea cans, reducing the need for frequent replacement. Durable tea tins provide greater convenience and peace of mind during transportation and storage. Whether traveling or home with your tea collection, durable bulk tea canisters offer extra protection.

Tinplate: Material Selection for Tsing Customized bulk tea canisters

Tsing will use tinplate as the first choice when customizing bulk tea canisters. Tinplate is steel coated with a thin layer of tin that acts as a protective layer against corrosion, rust, and moisture. It is also food-grade safe, non-toxic, with smooth edges and no burrs. The material’s inherent resistance ensures that the tea leaves remain intact when stored, maintaining quality and freshness. Additionally, tinplate is highly customizable, allowing you to incorporate intricate designs, vibrant colors, and more. In addition to being beautiful and protective, they are also very lightweight and portable.

Tinplate Craft for bulk tea canisters

After completing tinplate printing, we will cut the tinplate into thick can bodies, can lids, and can bottoms according to the printing effect and required size. We will adjust and cut off the excess edges of the tinplate as needed. Then, with the cooperation of the crimping machine, we will roll the mouth of the tinplate into a beautiful slight arc that can prevent sharp iron edges from hurting people. Finally, we will seal the can body and bottom by double crimping on the sealing machine. Our sealing technology can also be divided into buckle bottom and convex bottom.

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Printing process

We will use Japan’s latest printing machines, which can achieve various metal printing daily on the market, such as CMYK or Pantone, matte or glossy, matte and glossy, flocking, brushing, wood grain, and other effects. Advanced color management technology and calibration processes are also used to ensure consistent and accurate color reproduction on all printed materials. Ask our technicians to inspect each printed carefully to ensure every detail is perfect, from color to surface treatment. We can provide all the printing effects you see on the market, and we can provide you with the best tea metal printing solutions.

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Automated production line

We will use an automated production line to manufacture bulk tea cans, and we will cut all tin plates with a professional cutting machine according to its printed pattern to ensure maximum utilization of the metal tinplate. We will use your specifically designed mold during the part-forming process to obtain the correct dimensions for your custom tin packaging. To ensure that all iron boxes arrive in good condition when packing, we implement a variety of solutions to protect them, including plastic bags, divider cards, double corrugated boxes, wooden pallets, and more. Finally, international sea, air, and road transportation will deliver it to you.

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Keep your tea fresh with Tsing bulk tea canisters!

The durability of Tsing bulk tea canisters can ensure that your tea leaves are fresh and delicious during storage. Through tin plating, printing, automated production, and other technologies, you can ensure that you can harvest a batch of unique tea cans. If you want to know more, please contact us. Please visit the official website for consultation!