personalized cookie tins

Personalized cookie tins perfect for holiday gifts

There are various festivals yearly, such as Christmas, Halloween, etc. With everyone taking the holidays seriously, finding the perfect gift for friends, family, and co-workers is crucial. So, for many biscuit manufacturers and individuals, using personalized cookie tins is a unique and thoughtful choice, combining delicious biscuits with customizable packaging. In this blog post, we’ll explore why personalized cookie tins are a unique and thoughtful holiday gift option for you.

Ability to use personalized cookie tins with different patterns

What makes personalized cookie tins the best holiday gifts is their ability to incorporate different patterns, adding a new dimension of aesthetic appeal. We allow users to change different patterns to match other holiday scenes. Whether it’s a Santa Claus design for Christmas or a funny pumpkin head for Halloween, these personalized cookie jars will surely fit the different holiday scenes according to your preferences. In this way, biscuit manufacturers can attract consumers to buy. If given as a personal gift, it can better reflect your intentions.

personalized cookie tins 2 (1) personalized cookie tins 2 (2)

Personalized cookie tins of high-quality materials and construction

Tsing usually makes the body of the personalized cookie tin from a high-quality tinplate. This option creates a solid foundation for a personalized cookie jar, ensuring long-lasting durability and protecting the cookies inside. Regarding construction, manufacturers often use automated techniques such as seamless welding or precision molding to produce personalized cookie jars, ensuring a perfect fit between components and a seamless finish. We perform meticulous inspections and tests on each component during manufacturing to ensure long-term use.

personalized cookie tins 4

Versatile and reusable

The versatility of a personalized cookie tin goes far beyond simply storing cookies. When the cookies are finished, we can extend the jar to store other foods, from brownies or baked goods such as scones, in or out. Kitchen essentials like flour, spices, and even daily necessities keep the festive spirit going all year round. Since they are made of tinplate, you don’t need to worry about rust, deformation, etc., after long-term use, and they are very environmentally friendly.

Convenient ordering and delivery

First, you can browse our official website, where you will find a variety of personalized cookie tins and iron cans for use. You can consult our customer service specialists above to provide you with information on materials, designs, sizes, personalization options, etc. Once you’ve finalized the details of the personalized cookie tins you’d like, we’ll move into the ordering process, where we’ll give you a live preview of your chosen personalized cookie tins, making it easier to visualize the final product and make any needed adjustments before completing the order. After you place an order, we will provide you with corresponding logistics services based on the relevant policies in your region to ensure that we can deliver them safely.

A thoughtful and unforgettable holiday gift

Personalized cookies tins’ customizable design and high-quality construction make them perfect for holiday gifts. Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Halloween, or another special occasion, these jars add a thoughtful and memorable touch to any gift-giving experience. Plus, you can enjoy your personalized cookie jar long after the holidays. Unlike traditional gifts that tend to rust, wear out, and be forgotten, you can cherish these keepsakes you have used and appreciated for years.

personalized cookie tins 5

Make your festival more meaningful

Make your gift-giving even more special for any holiday with a personalized cookie tin. With delicious food, customizable designs, and long-lasting quality, it’s sure to bring joy to everyone on your list. Whether you’re a cookie manufacturer or giving a personal gift, it’s a thoughtful and memorable way to spread holiday cheer. Start ordering now!

black square tin 1

Black square tin suitable for packaging gifts or wedding favors

Since its establishment, Tsing has been committed to customizing iron box packaging for various wedding events and holidays. Recently, personalized and unique wedding gifts have become popular in countries such as Europe and America, and black square tin has become an ideal packaging solution for these gifts. Below, we’ll tell you what features Tsing’s black square tins have to make them the perfect choice for packaging wedding gifts.

The elegance and sophistication of the black square tin

The core of Tsing’s black square tins’ elegance and sophistication lies in its cutting-edge printing technology, enabling more details in the design. We can give more complex printing effects through the most advanced metal printing, such as bright silver, UV + matte, wood grain effect, etc. Whether you want to hold candies, chocolates, or other small gifts, black square tins can be customized according to specific item attributes to enhance the display effect of wedding gifts.

black square tin 2

The versatile design of the black square tin

Black square tins are different from traditional gift packaging options. The black attribute can provide couples with a blank canvas. You can engrave the surface of the tin to create personally desired patterns. Couples can add their names, weddings, etc., to each tin. Date. These black square jars efficiently use shelf space, maximizing storage capacity and improving product visibility. Whether displayed on retail shelves or stacked in a storage facility, they won’t take up much of your space.

Black square tin for durability and protection

Tsing’s black square tins are durable because we use high-quality tin plates that are not easily bent by hand. We built it to withstand the bumps of handling and shipping, so it has a sturdy barrier that protects items inside from damage. In addition, tinplate’s anti-rust and oxidation protection ensures stored products’ long-term integrity and freshness. In addition to sturdy construction, we use sealing technology on the lids of our black square cans to provide optimal protection against light and moisture, forming a protective barrier.

black square tin 5

Customizable options

In a customized way, you can add your personal name, date, or blessing message to the black square jar. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, or corporate event, the personalized black square jar is a unique and meaningful souvenir for the recipient. Leave a lasting impression on people. You can apply custom colors, patterns, and finishes to the black square tins, allowing unlimited creativity with specific themes or design concepts. For its functionality, you can choose various ways to open the lid, such as sliding, hinged, etc.

Tips for wedding gifts

If you decide to use a black square tin as a wedding gift, its overall size and shape should not be too large or long. As a gift box, the most important thing is that it is exquisite. Our recommended size is 50cm x 50cm, with extra space left for decorations if required. Finally, add a more personal touch to your thoughtful gift by including a handwritten note in a black square tin and an elegant gift box, basket, or ribbon.


Black square tins are the perfect packaging solution for couples looking to elevate their wedding and create a memorable guest experience. It offers endless possibilities in elegance, versatility, durability, and customizability. This ensures your guests leave with a lasting memory of the love and joy they received on their special day.

white tin candle containers

White tin candle containers for long-term storage

In different countries and festivals, candles are essential to create the perfect atmosphere. Therefore, we can use white tin candle containers to store candles properly after we purchase them. It is necessary to determine whether the white tin candle container has the conditions for long-term Storage. In this guide, we will tell you how Tsing ensures the long-term storage ability of the candle container.

The Importance of Using white tin candle containers for Storage

Candle degradation can be accelerated if exposed to light, air, and temperature fluctuations, resulting in discoloration, loss of fragrance, and shortened burn time. It provides a durable and sturdy candle casing, protecting it from external factors such as dust, debris, and accidental damage. White tin candle containers provide excellent protection against moisture and moisture, creating a sealed environment that prevents moisture from penetrating the candle and causing problems such as wick deterioration, wax discoloration, or mold growth.

White tin candle containers made of tinplate

Tsing mainly uses tin plates as a manufacturer of white tin candle containers. Tinplate is a versatile and durable material consisting of thin steel sheets with a layer of tin on their surface. They are durable and corrosion-resistant and can provide many benefits for storing candles, ensuring they can withstand transportation, handling, and environmental Storage. Using white tin candle containers made of tinplate can combine the strength and elasticity of tin with a white finish, adding to the beauty. In addition, the smooth, non-porous surface of the tinplate also provides a sound barrier against moisture, humidity, and other external factors that can affect candle storage.

white tin candle containers 4

Perform quality assurance and testing

Before production begins, we carefully inspect raw materials, including tinplate, coatings, and other components, to ensure they meet our standards. Then, we will use fully automatic production technology to produce the candle container’s tank body, bottom, and lid. Production errors and product variations can be reduced by automating production. Be able to operate according to the set operating procedures and maintain the stability of the entire production process. We also extensively test finished products to verify performance and durability. This includes testing strength, stability, and resistance to environmental factors such as temperature and shock to ensure durability.

Provide customization options

What’s also great about working with Tsing is that we can offer customization options to meet your different needs and preferences for candle containers. These customization options include choices in size and shape. You can adjust the size and shape of the container to ensure it fits your storage space. Whether you prefer a traditional cylindrical container or a modern square or rectangular shape, there is something for everyone. In addition to size and shape, various finishes are included to enhance different decorating styles. Choose matte, glossy, textured, or metallic finishes to suit your branding requirements or design theme. The lid options include screw-in lids, sliding or hinged lids, and more.

white tin candle containers 2 white tin candle containers 3


Build customer support and trust!

When you choose Tsing to manufacture your white tin candle containers, our team of experienced professionals guarantees you excellent customer support from initial concept development to final delivery. Whether you have questions about product specifications, customization options, or logistics, Tsing provides guidance and assistance for a satisfying customization experience.

Get a long-term storage experience!

Candle containers are a good choice for any user or brand that wants to store candles for a long time. Tsing has many years of experience in custom tin containers, and you can trust us to create white tin candle containers that are durable enough for you.

tin box manufacturer

What are the manufacturing processes of tin box manufacturer?

Tsing Tin Packaging is a tin box manufacturer providing complete customization services. Our company has over 200 skilled workers and a monthly production capacity of over 8 million pieces. Many customers want to know what our manufacturing and production processes are. The following section briefly introduces mold design, printing, production, packaging, and logistics. Let you intuitively feel our production and understand our advantages.

Mold design for tin box manufacturer

Tsing currently has more than 500 sets of molds for customers to choose from, and our molds can produce most of the ordinary tins presently seen on the market. If our current molds don’t fit your custom metal cans, we will design your mold for you. We will have professional designers communicate with you about the custom images you need and make mold structure drawings and 3D structural images through CAD. After confirming with you, we will carry out mold cutting, 3D bending, mold assembly, and pre-mass production.

Mold design

Printing technology for tin box manufacturers

During the printing process, we use the latest printing machines from Japan, which can produce various metal prints daily on the market, such as CMYK or Pantone, matte or glossy. This ensures precise and intricate details and vibrant colors on your tin boxes. Facing different transportation and storage environments, we use specially formulated printing inks and coatings to ensure that the prints on the tin boxes are durable, fade-resistant, and scratch-resistant. In addition, according to your requirements, One More printing effects can be provided for free for you to choose from.

Printing technology

Fully automated production line

With the advent of the automation industry, we have upgraded our production lines to fully automatic production lines, including automatic can lid production lines, automatic can body production lines, and automatic can bottom production lines. The automatic stamping processing technology shows good interchangeability and energy saving and can realize thin-walled, lightweight, rigid, and complex-shaped parts that are difficult to produce by other processing methods. Automating production can reduce errors and product differences. The operation will be carried out according to the set operating procedures so that the stability of the product can be maintained throughout the production process. It can also meet different types of design.

Fully automated production line

Packaging and shipping

Our packaging and shipping processes are carefully designed to protect our tin boxes during transportation. Use high-quality packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, foam padding, and protective sleeves to provide multiple layers of cushioning and insulation around the iron boxes to protect them from damage during handling and transportation. In addition to protective packaging, we prioritize branding and presentation in packaging design. Custom packaging options will also be available, allowing customers to personalize their packaging with their own branding and messaging. After packaging is completed, we will efficiently transport it to global destinations by road, sea, air, and other international logistics methods.

Provide you with high-quality iron box packaging

Tsing’s manufacturing process will involve mold design, printing technology, fully automated production lines, and international logistics and transportation. We will continue to create products to meet the diverse needs of different customers. We can create it exclusively for you, whether it is used for packaging food, gifts, cosmetics, or other products.


custom cookie tins1

How do you ensure that custom cookie tins are corrosion-resistant?

When storing biscuits, the corrosion resistance of the cookie tins can directly affect the quality of the biscuits. Poor corrosion resistance will lead to moldy biscuits and other problems. Therefore, many biscuit manufacturers choose to custom cookie tins to ensure the corrosion resistance of the cookie tins. As a supplier with many years of experience in customizing tin box packaging, Tsing will share with you in this guide how we ensure the corrosion resistance of custom cookie tins.

Material Selection for custom cookie tins

Tsing’s custom cookie tins are primarily made from tinplate, a type of steel coated with a thin layer of tin that resists deformation or damage. The sturdy nature of tinplate ensures that custom cookie tins can survive bumps in transit without compromising the integrity of the interior. The corrosion resistance of tinplate can protect the biscuits from spoilage caused by air moisture and other factors. Its tin coating acts as a barrier to prevent oxidation and moisture ingress, thereby extending the shelf life of the biscuits. This is very important for long-term storage!

custom cookie tins

Custom cookie tin finishes and coatings

Regarding surface treatment and coating technology for customized cookie tins, Japan’s latest printing machine produces metal prints daily, such as CMYK or Pantone, matte, etc. Allows you to add decorative patterns and logos to your cookie tins to enhance visual appeal. Regarding coatings, we use environmentally friendly and safe coatings to ensure your cookie tins are non-toxic, odorless and meet the highest safety and quality standards. We also offer powder coating technology if you need it, where we apply dry powder to the surface of the can, heat it, and cure it to form a tough protective coating. Make sure the cookies retain their appearance even after repeated use.

custom cookie tins 2

Custom cookie tin sealing mechanism

Another factor that ensures the corrosion resistance of custom cookie tins is the sealing performance of the tin. We will use double crimp seals on the tin body and bottom to form a tight seal to prevent moisture and odor from entering the tin, enhancing the sealing performance and use—longevity and freshness of cookies and other foods. In addition, we will also add lids with metal clips to the customized cookie tins according to your needs to increase the tightness of the lid closure.

custom cookie tins 3

Durability test

Before each custom cookie tin is delivered, we conduct a durability test, one aspect of which is to evaluate the impact resistance of the cookie tin. It will be subject to controlled impacts at different angles and heights, simulating real-life scenarios where cans may be accidentally dropped or knocked over during handling and transportation. This evaluates the cookie jar’s ability to withstand impact forces while maintaining structural integrity. Another aspect is evaluating the compressive strength of custom cookie tins. We will gradually increase the pressure on the cookie jar, simulate the weight of the stack of jars during storage and transportation, and measure the maximum load that the cookie tin can withstand and avoid the risk of damage during transportation and storage.

Regular maintenance and upkeep

Although our custom cookie tins are highly corrosion-resistant, you must take proper care during your daily use. Especially if you put it in a storage cabinet that is prone to gathering dust, you need to use a cloth to gently scrub the surface or rinse the tin thoroughly with water and dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth. We recommend storing the cookie tin in a relaxed, dry, well-ventilated environment away from direct sunlight. Excessive heat, humidity, or exposure to sunlight can cause the jar’s finish to fade, compromising its appearance and performance.

The importance of corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of custom cookie tins is significant to the quality and preservation of freshness of baked goods. If we don’t add corrosion resistance, your users will likely eat stale biscuits. In Tsing, we can ensure that the biscuit jars you receive are of good quality by using tinplate materials, advanced printing machines, coating technology, and sealing technology. Corrosion resistance. Guaranteed your cookies stay delicious and fresh.


bulk tea canisters 1

Durability of materials used in Tsing bulk tea canisters

In the world of tea lovers, there is a search for a suitable loose tea caddy for storage. Tsing is a large-scale, high-end iron can packaging manufacturer integrating design, innovation, and service, specializing in producing customized bulk tea canisters. In this guide, we will introduce you to the durability of the materials selected for Tsing custom bulk tea canisters, ensuring that your tea stays fresh and delicious for an extended period.

Why is durability so important for bulk tea canisters?

Durability ensures the integrity of loose tea cans, protecting tea leaves from external factors such as moisture, light, air, etc. Because loose tea is highly susceptible to degradation when exposed to the elements, resulting in a loss of flavor, aroma, and potency over time. Additionally, durability increases the lifespan and reusability of loose tea cans, reducing the need for frequent replacement. Durable tea tins provide greater convenience and peace of mind during transportation and storage. Whether traveling or home with your tea collection, durable bulk tea canisters offer extra protection.

Tinplate: Material Selection for Tsing Customized bulk tea canisters

Tsing will use tinplate as the first choice when customizing bulk tea canisters. Tinplate is steel coated with a thin layer of tin that acts as a protective layer against corrosion, rust, and moisture. It is also food-grade safe, non-toxic, with smooth edges and no burrs. The material’s inherent resistance ensures that the tea leaves remain intact when stored, maintaining quality and freshness. Additionally, tinplate is highly customizable, allowing you to incorporate intricate designs, vibrant colors, and more. In addition to being beautiful and protective, they are also very lightweight and portable.

Tinplate Craft for bulk tea canisters

After completing tinplate printing, we will cut the tinplate into thick can bodies, can lids, and can bottoms according to the printing effect and required size. We will adjust and cut off the excess edges of the tinplate as needed. Then, with the cooperation of the crimping machine, we will roll the mouth of the tinplate into a beautiful slight arc that can prevent sharp iron edges from hurting people. Finally, we will seal the can body and bottom by double crimping on the sealing machine. Our sealing technology can also be divided into buckle bottom and convex bottom.

bulk tea canisters 2

Printing process

We will use Japan’s latest printing machines, which can achieve various metal printing daily on the market, such as CMYK or Pantone, matte or glossy, matte and glossy, flocking, brushing, wood grain, and other effects. Advanced color management technology and calibration processes are also used to ensure consistent and accurate color reproduction on all printed materials. Ask our technicians to inspect each printed carefully to ensure every detail is perfect, from color to surface treatment. We can provide all the printing effects you see on the market, and we can provide you with the best tea metal printing solutions.

bulk tea canisters 3

Automated production line

We will use an automated production line to manufacture bulk tea cans, and we will cut all tin plates with a professional cutting machine according to its printed pattern to ensure maximum utilization of the metal tinplate. We will use your specifically designed mold during the part-forming process to obtain the correct dimensions for your custom tin packaging. To ensure that all iron boxes arrive in good condition when packing, we implement a variety of solutions to protect them, including plastic bags, divider cards, double corrugated boxes, wooden pallets, and more. Finally, international sea, air, and road transportation will deliver it to you.

bulk tea canisters 4

Keep your tea fresh with Tsing bulk tea canisters!

The durability of Tsing bulk tea canisters can ensure that your tea leaves are fresh and delicious during storage. Through tin plating, printing, automated production, and other technologies, you can ensure that you can harvest a batch of unique tea cans. If you want to know more, please contact us. Please visit the official website for consultation!

custom tea tins 5

What options are there for custom tea tins bases?

One aspect that many of our users often overlook when custom tea tins is their bottom design. People usually focus on the appearance design and lid of tea cans, but the base can also play a vital role in the overall functionality and aesthetics. So, in this guide, we will focus on this part and share with you the various options for customizing the tea tin base.

Material selection for custom tea tins bottoms

When customizing the bottoms of tea tins, Tsing often uses tinplate, a thin steel plate coated with a layer of tin to prevent corrosion. In addition, tinplate has excellent molding plasticity, allowing us to use complex design and embossing techniques to create a visually attractive bottom during the design process. In addition, the moisture resistance of the tinplate will be better, which can maintain the flavor and freshness of the packaged tea. Another option is aluminum, which some customers also choose for customization due to its lightweight, high corrosion resistance, and recyclability.

custom tea tins 6

Printing technology for custom tea tin bottoms

After determining the material of the custom tea tin’s bottom, you can choose the pattern design on the bottom. Tsing can provide different printing effects, such as Gloss Silver, Pearl Ink, White Ink + 4C, and more. Among them, embossing and hot stamping techniques are the effects most commonly chosen by our users to customize the bottom of tea tins. The tactile texture or raised three-dimensional effect produced by embossing can present a more three-dimensional effect to the senses. The shiny reflective finish created by hot stamping can also enhance the visual impact of the packaging.

custom tea tins 7

Size and shape selection for custom tea tins bottoms

After selecting the material and pattern printing effect, Tsing can also provide a range of sizes and shapes for you to choose from. Of course, you can choose according to your own preferences and packaging requirements. Generally, the primary consideration when selecting the size of the base of a tea tin is the volume or capacity required for the amount of tea you want to hold, which will usually match the size of the lid of the tea tin. In terms of shape, you can choose traditional shapes, such as circles, squares, and rectangles, such as lids. You can choose heart shapes for certain holidays combined with specific pattern printing to highlight the unique style.

custom tea tins 8

Bottom function

In addition to the bottom’s appearance, you can choose its function when customizing the bottom of the tea tin. The base provides stability and support to the jar, ensuring it remains upright and secure during storage and transportation. Depending on your needs, we can provide options such as non-slip bases or raised lips to prevent the jars from sliding or tipping over. These functionalities ensure that your custom tea caddy looks excellent and performs well in everyday use.

Make your tea caddy more unique!

The bottom of the customized tea tin is a part that is easily overlooked. If the bottom of your tea tin has different designs and functions, it can help you sell tea and enhance the customer’s overall tea storage experience. If you want to know more details about customized iron box packaging, you can check it out on our official website.


black tins 1

What are the customizable shapes of black tins?

In daily life, black tins are the most common way of packaging iron boxes. From cosmetics to food, black tins can store items well and provide protection and sealing. Coupled with the customization method, you can choose the shape and characteristics of the black can according to your usage. In the guide, we introduce the customized shapes of Tsing’s black tins so that you can have a reference when choosing or customizing them directly.

The Versatility of Black Tins

Black tins have good light-shielding and sealing properties, effectively shielding their contents from harmful UV rays and maintaining product quality and freshness. This also makes them ideal for packaging light-sensitive products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and skin care formulas. In terms of shape, it can be roughly divided into various cylindrical, rectangular, and other shapes. You can add a sliding or sealing cover design depending on your usage. In addition, we use tinplate as the primary material for the customized black tins, which is not easy to bend and deform, is resistant to collision, and the printed surface looks elegant.

Double-sealed round black tins

A double seal (metal cover and rubber insert) forms an airtight barrier. Its internal seal is molded rubber, providing additional protection against moisture, air, and contaminants, further protecting product integrity. Two sealing layers provide additional strength and structural integrity compared to traditional single-seal cans, making double-seal round black tins less susceptible to denting or deformation during storage and transportation. They are mainly suitable for storing loose tea leaves or bags, storing small batches of ground coffee, and storing travel and personal items such as tea, sugar, coffee, creamer, etc.

black tins 2

Round black tins with clear windows and screw caps.

The main feature of this black tins is that it has a clear plastic or glass window that allows you to see the contents inside. Providing an intuitive visual experience of products makes them ideal for storing candles, candy, gifts oil-based cosmetics, etc. The screw cap design has no sharp edges, and in addition to having good closure, it prevents slipping and makes it easy for users to open and close.

black tins 3

Rectangular black tin with sliding lid

The rectangular black tin with a sliding lid differs from the traditional rectangular black tin in that it adopts the sliding lid design, which allows you to slide it off easily and safely when opening and prevents the contents from spilling. Additionally, the sliding lid eliminates the need for bulky lids or closures, reducing the risk of users losing the seal during use. Great for organizing all your small items such as candy, jewelry, beeswax, and more as a survival kit.

black tins 5

Rectangular black tin with hinges

The hinged rectangular black tin is another design that prevents users from closing the lid. It also allows easy access to the contents without needing a separate lid or closure, allowing consumers to open and close it easily. Seamless edges eliminate the risk of any messy leaks during use. Additionally, the hinge mechanism allows the lid to remain securely attached to the jar, preventing it from being lost or falling into the contents. Their range of applications is ideal for storing various small items, such as lip balm, keys, holiday gift cards, and any other small item in daily life.

black tins 4

Welcome to customize

We can customize any shape from rectangular to round, whether you are packaging chocolates, cosmetics, tea, or gifts, black cans offer durability, protection, and convenience. Then, when you want to customize a batch of black tins, you can start with the shape and function above. You are welcome to contact us on the official website for more information.



tea tins bulk

Can I order custom embossed tea tins bulk?

When displayed at home, an exquisite tea tin bulk can reflect your unique taste and add artistic flavor. When you use them to give gifts, it can also make the other party feel your heart. We can achieve these benefits by customizing tea cans in bulk. If you have your brand, personalized packaging can make the brand stand out and leave a unique impression on consumers. This guide will share how to mass-customize embossed tea tins bulk.

The appeal of custom embossed tea tins in bulk

Customized embossed tea tins bulk can improve product differentiation and enhance the brand image of tea manufacturers and retailers. The embossing process can create raised designs or patterns on the surface of metal tea cans, increasing visual and tactile appeal. Capture consumers’ attention. The main attraction of custom embossed tea cans in bulk is that you can emboss your unique ideas and concepts on the tea cans, enhancing the product’s sensory value. On the other hand, custom-embossed tea cans in bulk can be a great way to promote your brand, and the embossed design can be customized with logos, brand names, patterns, and other elements. In addition to visual appeal, custom-embossed tea tins bulk can also help consumers quickly differentiate between different tea varieties or flavors and make choices.

tea tins bulk 1

What does the process of custom embossed tea tins bulk packaging include?

When you want to customize embossed tea canisters in bulk, you may have a lot of ideas or nothing. You can use the crafts below to get some ideas.

How to customize cans:

  1. 3D embossing
  2. Drilling process
  3. Different types of lids (fitted, hinged, plug-in, etc.)
  4. Articulation process
  5. cover window
  6. Stackable sets – interlocking

Printing effect customization:

  1. CMYK or Pantone
  2. Matte or shiny finish
  3. Comparison of matte and glossy finishes
  4. Flocking, brushed, wood effect

Additional accessories:

  1. Knob
  2. ribbon, rope
  3. metal lock
  4. The handle of a bucket, basket, or box
  5. flash
  6. Plastic inserts or stickers
  7. plexiglass

tea tins bulk 3tea tins bulk 2

Ordering process for custom embossed tea tins bulk

Several steps are usually involved when placing a bulk order for custom-embossed tea cans.

Initial Consultation: We will meet with you to understand your requirements, preferences, and goals for your custom embossed tea canister bulk. This includes providing information on branding, design specifications, quantity requirements, etc.

Design conceptualization: After the initial consultation, our design team begins to conceive and develop creative designs for embossed tea cans in bulk, and communicate with you to confirm.

Design approval: After the design plan is determined, a tea can prototype will be created to determine the mold structure diagram, 3D composition, mold assembly, cutting, and other manufacturing processes. Mass production and printing will be carried out. We will also provide One More printing effects for you free of charge according to customer requirements. choose.

After production, it is packaged, transported, and delivered to your designated location. Finally, we can provide professional after-sales service and support if you have any questions.

tea tins bulk 4

Benefits of bulk ordering

Ordering custom embossed tea tins in bulk can save you a lot of costs, allowing you to offer more favorable wholesale prices while increasing your budget allocation to meet your other business needs. This method can enable your brand to maintain a certain degree of competitiveness, while also developing your agents through multiple channels to deliver your brand as quickly as possible. This will also ensure that your warehouse has sufficient tea cans in stock, so you don’t have to worry about insufficient inventory.

Enhance your brand influence through customization!

No matter what industry you are in and what kind of jars you want to get, you can customize embossed tea jars in bulk according to shape, purpose, and color. When you get a batch of exclusive tea cans in the market, you will have one more brand in the hands of consumers. If you also want customized services, please contact us on the official website!

How to choose the right candle tins for your candle business?

If you just start your candle business and don’t know what kind of candle tin you will choose for your start-up business, this article will help.

Currently there are kinds of different shapes and structure candle tins in the market, round, square, rectangle, egg, heart and many other different candle tins. Whatever shape you choose, there is one very important thing you need to confirm, that is, the tin container will not leak when store candle wax.

In the market, the candle tins can be divided into two kinds of structures, one is seamless tin and the other is the seam tin.

Let’s talk about the seamless candle tins first, the seamless candle tins won’t leak when storing candles. But it has disadvantages, as it uses body and base one-body design, there is a stretch process in production, so it will limit the artwork design. We suggest to use just one color or irregular artwork design, as regular shape (such as squares, circles, triangles, words) will be out of shape after the stretching process.

Then it’s to the seam candle tins. For the seam candle tins, let’s divide it into the body seam area and the bottom seam area.

The body seam can have the welding process and the normal seam connection process. If you choose the welding process tin, then we are also sure that it won’t leak if used to store candle wax. But it has a disadvantage, the body welding area can’t print artwork design, and it will only be the silver, which is the color of tinplate.

As to normal seam connection process for body, then the bottom seam area can be curved in process and the curved out process. Let’s talk about the body normal seam connection process + bottom curved out process first, for this kind of candle tins, we will use glue at the connection area to confirm it won’t leak when store candle wax. We can confirm with this operation, the tin won’t leak. And this kind of tin won’t limit the printing artwork design.

Then it’s the normal seam connection process + bottom curved in process, for this kind of tin, even if we use glue at the connection area, we can’t confirm it won’t leak when used to store candle wax. So we don’t suggest to use this kind of tin to store candle wax.

If you still have any questions in customizing your candle tins after reading this article, please feel free to contact us here.