Tsing’s Inspection Instruction Standard on Metal Tin Cans Tinplate Printing

The metal tin can packaging has hundreds of development history, and with its development, the industry is getting more and more advanced and all the production process are now more and more mature. But as the industry all knows, there is still no uniform inspection standard on tinplate printing, production, and the finished production packaging. And to international orders, most customers can only see the products according to samples before production and pictures which can’t exactly show the final massive production products printing, production, packaging and other processes.

With this point in mind and more than 20 years experience in metal tin can packaging, Tsing summarized our own Inspection Instruction on Tinplate Printing, Production Stamping, Finished production and Production Packaging according to customer’s requirements and our acknowledge to the tinplate printing.

Let’s firstly talk about the Inspection Instruction on Tinplate Printing before a metal tin can is produced. Tsing divides the inspection into 3 kinds, that are critical defect, major defect, and minor defect. And on the tinplate printing inspection, we divide it into the printing color and the printing ink two parts.

The printing color are usually tested by our experienced and professional technicist, and in Tsing’s Inspection Instruction,there should be 0 critical defect (CTR=0), the major defect should be less than 2.5%(MAJ≤2.5) and the minor defect should be less than 4.0%(MIN≤4.0).

Tsing Inspection Instruction on Metal Tin Cans Tinplate Printing as following:

Testing Item Testing Method Testing Method and Tips
Critical Defect(CTR=0) Major Defect(MAJ=2.5) Minor Defect(MIN=4.0)
Color Our experienced techninist 1.Leaking Printing>10%

2.Wrong Customer’s printing document

3.Print gloss gold into gloss silver or reverse

4.The tinplate gloss printed into matte or reverse.

1.Color difference: depends on customer’s requirement. If the color difference is beyond customers requirement, then reject all the products with this deffect.(MAJ=0)

2.Printing Stain≥Φ2.0mm,Scratch Length≥5mm,width≥0.3mm,printing out of shape≥0.2m.(MAJ=0)

3.The printing stain should be not bigger than Φ1mm at the main position, for example the logo.(MAJ=O)

4.Reject all the tinplate with no gloss silver prining,ink not dry or ink too thin.(MAJ=O)

1.Printing Stain<Φ2.0mm

2.Scratch Length<5mm, Width <0.3mn

3.Printing out of shape or not in position<0.2mm

4.The hidden pattern should all depend on the signed sample

Ink Testing Stamping Leaking ink when stamping

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