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How do you ensure that custom cookie tins are corrosion-resistant?

When storing biscuits, the corrosion resistance of the cookie tins can directly affect the quality of the biscuits. Poor corrosion resistance will lead to moldy biscuits and other problems. Therefore, many biscuit manufacturers choose to custom cookie tins to ensure the corrosion resistance of the cookie tins. As a supplier with many years of experience in customizing tin box packaging, Tsing will share with you in this guide how we ensure the corrosion resistance of custom cookie tins.

Material Selection for custom cookie tins

Tsing’s custom cookie tins are primarily made from tinplate, a type of steel coated with a thin layer of tin that resists deformation or damage. The sturdy nature of tinplate ensures that custom cookie tins can survive bumps in transit without compromising the integrity of the interior. The corrosion resistance of tinplate can protect the biscuits from spoilage caused by air moisture and other factors. Its tin coating acts as a barrier to prevent oxidation and moisture ingress, thereby extending the shelf life of the biscuits. This is very important for long-term storage!

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Custom cookie tin finishes and coatings

Regarding surface treatment and coating technology for customized cookie tins, Japan’s latest printing machine produces metal prints daily, such as CMYK or Pantone, matte, etc. Allows you to add decorative patterns and logos to your cookie tins to enhance visual appeal. Regarding coatings, we use environmentally friendly and safe coatings to ensure your cookie tins are non-toxic, odorless and meet the highest safety and quality standards. We also offer powder coating technology if you need it, where we apply dry powder to the surface of the can, heat it, and cure it to form a tough protective coating. Make sure the cookies retain their appearance even after repeated use.

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Custom cookie tin sealing mechanism

Another factor that ensures the corrosion resistance of custom cookie tins is the sealing performance of the tin. We will use double crimp seals on the tin body and bottom to form a tight seal to prevent moisture and odor from entering the tin, enhancing the sealing performance and use—longevity and freshness of cookies and other foods. In addition, we will also add lids with metal clips to the customized cookie tins according to your needs to increase the tightness of the lid closure.

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Durability test

Before each custom cookie tin is delivered, we conduct a durability test, one aspect of which is to evaluate the impact resistance of the cookie tin. It will be subject to controlled impacts at different angles and heights, simulating real-life scenarios where cans may be accidentally dropped or knocked over during handling and transportation. This evaluates the cookie jar’s ability to withstand impact forces while maintaining structural integrity. Another aspect is evaluating the compressive strength of custom cookie tins. We will gradually increase the pressure on the cookie jar, simulate the weight of the stack of jars during storage and transportation, and measure the maximum load that the cookie tin can withstand and avoid the risk of damage during transportation and storage.

Regular maintenance and upkeep

Although our custom cookie tins are highly corrosion-resistant, you must take proper care during your daily use. Especially if you put it in a storage cabinet that is prone to gathering dust, you need to use a cloth to gently scrub the surface or rinse the tin thoroughly with water and dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth. We recommend storing the cookie tin in a relaxed, dry, well-ventilated environment away from direct sunlight. Excessive heat, humidity, or exposure to sunlight can cause the jar’s finish to fade, compromising its appearance and performance.

The importance of corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of custom cookie tins is significant to the quality and preservation of freshness of baked goods. If we don’t add corrosion resistance, your users will likely eat stale biscuits. In Tsing, we can ensure that the biscuit jars you receive are of good quality by using tinplate materials, advanced printing machines, coating technology, and sealing technology. Corrosion resistance. Guaranteed your cookies stay delicious and fresh.