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What lid types and construction options are available for custom tea tins?

Custom tea tins are an important part of a tea brand or wholesaler’s image, and they can keep tea fresh. When designing a custom tea tin, there are many different options, one of which is the type of lid and construction options for the tea tin. In this guide, we will talk about the various types of lids and construction options available for custom tea tins, so that you can understand their characteristics and help you make a better choice.

Custom Tea tins Lids:Plug-in lid

The plug-in lid is one of the lid types for custom tea tins. This design is to form a seal when the lid is firmly installed on the container. It has a safe closure mechanism that locks the lid firmly in place. Whether the can is upright or on its side, this design can prevent accidental tea spills or leaks. At the same time, it can effectively prevent air and moisture from penetrating the can, thereby maintaining the freshness of the tea. Plug-in lids also provide ample customization opportunities. The lid can be decorated with custom graphics, logos, or embossing to create a visual impact that attracts consumers. In addition, a variety of finishes can be used. The only disadvantage is that it is not easy to open, and the force cannot be well controlled.

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Slip lid

The slid lid is also one of the lid options for custom tea tins. It is easier to open than the insert lid. The tin can be easily opened and closed for everyday use with a simple sliding motion. If appropriately designed, magnetic or friction-fit closures can provide a secure closure to ensure the lid remains secure during storage and transport. The downside is that sliding lids can wear over time, especially if the structure is imperfect or could be better and closed frequently. Issues such as the lid sticking, getting stuck, or bending can occur.

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Clip Lids

Clip lids are hinged to the tin, allowing the lid to open and close smoothly without falling off. This design ensures that the lid and tin are connected and the lid cannot get lost. Clip lids usually have a clip or clasp that firmly locks the lid, creating a good airtight seal. Their sturdy construction also provides excellent protection from external factors, thereby maintaining the quality of the tea. The mechanical parts of clip lids, especially the hinges and locks, can be easily damaged if improperly handled.

custom tea tins Clip-Lid

Hinged lid

Hinged lids ensure that the lid remains attached and is never misplaced. This lid type is connected by a metal hinge, which is more flexible and convenient when opening and closing. Many hinged lids include additional locking mechanisms or clasps to ensure that the lid remains securely closed, helping to create an airtight seal. Hinged lids have a more complicated production process than simple lid types. Their hinges can also rust and wear when exposed to moisture, resulting in a weak seal or mechanical problems requiring maintenance or replacement.

custom tea tins Hinged-Lid

Construction Options for Custom Tea tins

A sealed base is a structural method that permanently seals the bottom of a tea tin during manufacturing. This design ensures that the base is strong, durable, and part of the can structure. Sealed bases are usually made of the same material as the can body. This structure provides good strength and rigidity to the tea tin, making it highly resistant to deformation and damage. The base helps maintain an airtight environment within the tin, allowing for a better seal and keeping the tea fresh.

Lined bases add an extra layer of protection to the tea, protecting it from external factors such as moisture and light. They have greater flexibility in customization, and different lining materials can be selected to enhance specific properties, such as moisture resistance and heat insulation. Depending on the design, some lining bases can be removed and replaced, making the can reusable. Lined bases may be more economical and cost-effective than permanently sealed ones. But if the seal is incorrect, it is prone to leakage, and its structural rigidity is slightly lower.

Elevate tea packaging with custom tea tins

Different lid types and construction options offer tea brands many styles, from sliding lids to hinged lids that can be customized to meet each brand’s unique needs and preferences. Tea brands can design custom tea tins, considering different tea types, storage requirements, and more.