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What is the production process of black square tin?

Black square tin is ubiquitous in all walks of life and is suitable for packaging and storing tea, minor hardware cosmetics, etc. Their durability makes them a popular choice for consumers and brand manufacturers. In this guide, you will look at the production process of Tsing black square tin and tell you why it can be durable enough and of good quality.

Material selection for black square tin

The first step in the production process of black square tins is to choose the suitable material. Usually, these tins are made of tinplate. This material provides the strength, corrosion resistance, and ductility required to make the tins. After sourcing high-quality tinplate, Tsing ensures that its thickness and tin plating parameters meet industry standards after rigorous testing to confirm whether it is suitable for further processing. In addition to the substrate, the choice of black coating is also crucial. And Tsing will use food-grade inks designed specifically for tinplate applications, all of which have passed international certifications such as FDA and LSGB to ensure good adhesion and provide a smooth and uniform surface.


Coating and printing of black square tin

After the material preparation is completed, the next step is to coat and print the tinplate. The coating process involves multiple layers, starting with a primer to ensure a certain degree of adhesion. The primer also acts as a protective layer against corrosion. After the primer is applied and cured, the black coating is added. Tsing will be completed through various methods, including spraying, dipping, or electrostatic coating, and the required surface treatment and production requirements will determine the specific process.

Once the black coat has been applied and dried, printing can begin. At this stage, logos, product information and graphic designs are added using printing techniques such as offset or digital printing. The entire printing phase involves several stages of curing and quality checks to ensure that the final requirements are met. In addition, it undergoes various tests to ensure that it maintains its good appearance during use.

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Cutting and shaping tinplate

After printing is completed, the next step is to cut and shape the tinplate into the required size. It starts with unrolling the tinplate roll and cutting it into sheets of specific sizes. The cut sheets are then fed into a forming machine to form the preliminary components of the black square can – the can body, lid, and bottom. The entire process involves several steps, including:

Cutting: Cutting the tinplate into the specific shapes required for the can body, lid, and bottom.
Forming: Using a mechanical press to bend and shape the blank into a square shape and create a sealed edge.
Joining: Using mechanical interlocking and welding or welding to connect the edges of the container to form a complete square container.
Throughout the process, Tsing uses automated equipment and professional technicians to work together to monitor the process to ensure quality standards.

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Quality Inspectins

Quality control is an integral part of the manufacturing process for black square tins and other types of tins and involves a series of rigorous checks and tests at each production stage.
The entire batch of tins is checked for color consistency. The entire batch of tins is checked for color consistency. The printed black must be uniform and consistent, with no noticeable variations in chroma or intensity. At the same time, the relevant inspectors check the alignment of the printed patterns, logos and text. The surface of each tin is also checked for defects such as scratches, smudges, or ink marks. The tin’s height, width, and overall shape are checked for size and accuracy. To ensure that the print adheres firmly to the surface of the tin, Tsing also conducts adhesion tests. This involves applying and removing tape to see if any ink falls off. The cans are also tested for abrasion resistance to assess the durability of the print to wear and tear. Finally, the glossiness of the printed surface is checked to ensure that it meets the required specifications.


After completing the quality inspection, the assembly of the black square tin begin, which involves assembling the formed can body, can lid, and can bottom together.
The body of the black square tin be achieved by welding or bonding. Welding is commonly used for metal tins to ensure solid and leakproof seams. After the can body is formed, it is shaped into a square shape using a mechanical press. The pre-formed bottom part is then positioned and sewn to the can body, which uses a double seam process that involves rolling the edges of the can body and bottom together and compressing them to form a tight, leakproof seal. Depending on the design of the can, the lid is either permanently seamed or designed to be removable. For non-removable lids, the lid is securely fastened using a double-seam process. Removable lids usually feature a snap-on design or threaded sections for easy opening and closing. After assembly, a leak test ensures that the seams are properly sealed and the tin is airtight.

Guaranteeing manufacturing standards at every stage

From material selection to final packaging and delivery, Tsing pays attention to details and strives to be perfect in every link. From design, mold making to production, we provide one-stop service. At the same time, we can achieve high-efficiency output of 15 days for mold making, 3 days for samples, and 20 days for shipment.

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Black square tin suitable for tea and coffee wholesalers

In the field of tin box packaging, black square tin combines versatility and durability. Among many industries, they are most popular among tea and coffee wholesalers, who order them in large quantities at once from many different brands of tea and coffee. In this guide, we’ll examine why black square tins are ideal for tea and coffee wholesalers and explore their features.

Design and visual appeal of black square tins

Unlike traditional cylindrical cans, the black square tin has a simple, classic design that is instantly recognizable on store shelves. The primary color of the can is black, adding a simple and elegant feel. Black is often associated with sophistication and exclusivity, making it ideal for premium products targeting affluent consumers. For tea and coffee wholesalers, packaging is critical in attracting customers and creating products that stand out on store shelves. The black square’s clean lines and modern aesthetic can enhance the look of tea and coffee products.

It maintains freshness and flavor

Maintaining the freshness and flavor of tea and coffee is very important for wholesalers and users. As a manufacturer of black square tins, we usually make them of tinplate material that blocks light. Great for maintaining the quality of tea and coffee beans, as exposure to sunlight can cause flavor oxidation and degradation. Many black square tins also have an airtight seal or closure to prevent air from entering the container. It further ensures the freshness of tea and coffee, ensuring that exposure to oxygen will not cause them to deteriorate and lose flavor over time.

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Customization options with branding

The black surface in the black square tin serves as a base color, providing a sophisticated and versatile canvas for tea and coffee brands. It can highlight its logo and branding elements on the lid and sides of the black square can. Custom labels and graphics can also be added to the surface of the black square cans. Additionally, embossing technology can add texture and depth to the surface of the black squares, creating a tactile experience for consumers. Brand logos, graphics, or text can be added to black square cans using different printing techniques.

Durable construction suitable for transportation and storage

Most tea and coffee wholesalers purchase black square tins in bulk, so their durability is critical. They need to withstand collisions during transportation and storage while protecting their contents from damage. Black square tins are typically made from durable tinplate, a material with excellent strength and structural integrity that ensures the cans remain intact even during harsh shipping and storage conditions. For added durability, black square tins often have reinforced corners and edges to prevent them from easily damaging during handling and shipping.

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Various applications beyond tea and coffee

Besides tea and coffee wholesalers utilizing these tins to store their products, other wholesaler manufacturers can also store spices, herbs, candies, nuts, and more. This versatility adds flexibility for manufacturers to package different categories. Cosmetic brands can use black square tins to package products such as lip balms, solid perfumes, facial masks, and hair oils. Black square jars provide a modern tin box packaging solution for candles, wax melts, and other home fragrance products.

Improving the quality of tea and coffee packaging

Black square tins offer tea and coffee wholesalers a winning combination of style and functionality. From their minimalist design and sturdy construction to their ability to preserve freshness and flavor, these cans meet the modern market’s tin packaging needs.

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Black square tin suitable for packaging gifts or wedding favors

Since its establishment, Tsing has been committed to customizing iron box packaging for various wedding events and holidays. Recently, personalized and unique wedding gifts have become popular in countries such as Europe and America, and black square tin has become an ideal packaging solution for these gifts. Below, we’ll tell you what features Tsing’s black square tins have to make them the perfect choice for packaging wedding gifts.

The elegance and sophistication of the black square tin

The core of Tsing’s black square tins’ elegance and sophistication lies in its cutting-edge printing technology, enabling more details in the design. We can give more complex printing effects through the most advanced metal printing, such as bright silver, UV + matte, wood grain effect, etc. Whether you want to hold candies, chocolates, or other small gifts, black square tins can be customized according to specific item attributes to enhance the display effect of wedding gifts.

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The versatile design of the black square tin

Black square tins are different from traditional gift packaging options. The black attribute can provide couples with a blank canvas. You can engrave the surface of the tin to create personally desired patterns. Couples can add their names, weddings, etc., to each tin. Date. These black square jars efficiently use shelf space, maximizing storage capacity and improving product visibility. Whether displayed on retail shelves or stacked in a storage facility, they won’t take up much of your space.

Black square tin for durability and protection

Tsing’s black square tins are durable because we use high-quality tin plates that are not easily bent by hand. We built it to withstand the bumps of handling and shipping, so it has a sturdy barrier that protects items inside from damage. In addition, tinplate’s anti-rust and oxidation protection ensures stored products’ long-term integrity and freshness. In addition to sturdy construction, we use sealing technology on the lids of our black square cans to provide optimal protection against light and moisture, forming a protective barrier.

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Customizable options

In a customized way, you can add your personal name, date, or blessing message to the black square jar. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, or corporate event, the personalized black square jar is a unique and meaningful souvenir for the recipient. Leave a lasting impression on people. You can apply custom colors, patterns, and finishes to the black square tins, allowing unlimited creativity with specific themes or design concepts. For its functionality, you can choose various ways to open the lid, such as sliding, hinged, etc.

Tips for wedding gifts

If you decide to use a black square tin as a wedding gift, its overall size and shape should not be too large or long. As a gift box, the most important thing is that it is exquisite. Our recommended size is 50cm x 50cm, with extra space left for decorations if required. Finally, add a more personal touch to your thoughtful gift by including a handwritten note in a black square tin and an elegant gift box, basket, or ribbon.


Black square tins are the perfect packaging solution for couples looking to elevate their wedding and create a memorable guest experience. It offers endless possibilities in elegance, versatility, durability, and customizability. This ensures your guests leave with a lasting memory of the love and joy they received on their special day.