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Can I order custom embossed tea tins bulk?

When displayed at home, an exquisite tea tin bulk can reflect your unique taste and add artistic flavor. When you use them to give gifts, it can also make the other party feel your heart. We can achieve these benefits by customizing tea cans in bulk. If you have your brand, personalized packaging can make the brand stand out and leave a unique impression on consumers. This guide will share how to mass-customize embossed tea tins bulk.

The appeal of custom embossed tea tins in bulk

Customized embossed tea tins bulk can improve product differentiation and enhance the brand image of tea manufacturers and retailers. The embossing process can create raised designs or patterns on the surface of metal tea cans, increasing visual and tactile appeal. Capture consumers’ attention. The main attraction of custom embossed tea cans in bulk is that you can emboss your unique ideas and concepts on the tea cans, enhancing the product’s sensory value. On the other hand, custom-embossed tea cans in bulk can be a great way to promote your brand, and the embossed design can be customized with logos, brand names, patterns, and other elements. In addition to visual appeal, custom-embossed tea tins bulk can also help consumers quickly differentiate between different tea varieties or flavors and make choices.

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What does the process of custom embossed tea tins bulk packaging include?

When you want to customize embossed tea canisters in bulk, you may have a lot of ideas or nothing. You can use the crafts below to get some ideas.

How to customize cans:

  1. 3D embossing
  2. Drilling process
  3. Different types of lids (fitted, hinged, plug-in, etc.)
  4. Articulation process
  5. cover window
  6. Stackable sets – interlocking

Printing effect customization:

  1. CMYK or Pantone
  2. Matte or shiny finish
  3. Comparison of matte and glossy finishes
  4. Flocking, brushed, wood effect

Additional accessories:

  1. Knob
  2. ribbon, rope
  3. metal lock
  4. The handle of a bucket, basket, or box
  5. flash
  6. Plastic inserts or stickers
  7. plexiglass

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Ordering process for custom embossed tea tins bulk

Several steps are usually involved when placing a bulk order for custom-embossed tea cans.

Initial Consultation: We will meet with you to understand your requirements, preferences, and goals for your custom embossed tea canister bulk. This includes providing information on branding, design specifications, quantity requirements, etc.

Design conceptualization: After the initial consultation, our design team begins to conceive and develop creative designs for embossed tea cans in bulk, and communicate with you to confirm.

Design approval: After the design plan is determined, a tea can prototype will be created to determine the mold structure diagram, 3D composition, mold assembly, cutting, and other manufacturing processes. Mass production and printing will be carried out. We will also provide One More printing effects for you free of charge according to customer requirements. choose.

After production, it is packaged, transported, and delivered to your designated location. Finally, we can provide professional after-sales service and support if you have any questions.

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Benefits of bulk ordering

Ordering custom embossed tea tins in bulk can save you a lot of costs, allowing you to offer more favorable wholesale prices while increasing your budget allocation to meet your other business needs. This method can enable your brand to maintain a certain degree of competitiveness, while also developing your agents through multiple channels to deliver your brand as quickly as possible. This will also ensure that your warehouse has sufficient tea cans in stock, so you don’t have to worry about insufficient inventory.

Enhance your brand influence through customization!

No matter what industry you are in and what kind of jars you want to get, you can customize embossed tea jars in bulk according to shape, purpose, and color. When you get a batch of exclusive tea cans in the market, you will have one more brand in the hands of consumers. If you also want customized services, please contact us on the official website!