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What are the customizable shapes of black tins?

In daily life, black tins are the most common tin box packaging method. From tea tins to storage tins, black tins can store items well and play a role in protection and sealing. Coupled with the customization method, you can choose the shape and characteristics of the black tin according to your use. In the guide, we introduce the customized shapes of Aomori black tins so that you can have a reference when choosing or directly customizing.

The Versatility of Black Tins

Black tins have good light-shielding and sealing properties, effectively shielding their contents from harmful UV rays and maintaining product quality and freshness. This also makes them ideal for packaging light-sensitive products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and skin care formulas. In terms of shape, it can be roughly divided into various cylindrical, rectangular, and other shapes. You can add a sliding or sealing cover design depending on your usage. In addition, we use tinplate as the primary material for the customized black tins, which is not easy to bend and deform, is resistant to collision, and the printed surface looks elegant.

Double-sealed round black tins

A double seal (metal cover and rubber insert) forms an airtight barrier. Its internal seal is molded rubber, providing additional protection against moisture, air, and contaminants, further protecting product integrity. Two sealing layers provide additional strength and structural integrity compared to traditional single-seal cans, making double-seal round black tins less susceptible to denting or deformation during storage and transportation. They are mainly suitable for storing loose tea leaves or bags, storing small batches of ground coffee, and storing travel and personal items such as tea, sugar, coffee, creamer, etc.

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Round black tins with clear windows and screw caps.

The main feature of this black tins is that it has a clear plastic or glass window that allows you to see the contents inside. Providing an intuitive visual experience of products makes them ideal for storing candles, candy, gifts oil-based cosmetics, etc. The screw cap design has no sharp edges, and in addition to having good closure, it prevents slipping and makes it easy for users to open and close.

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Rectangular black tin with sliding lid

The rectangular black tin with a sliding lid differs from the traditional rectangular black tin in that it adopts the sliding lid design, which allows you to slide it off easily and safely when opening and prevents the contents from spilling. Additionally, the sliding lid eliminates the need for bulky lids or closures, reducing the risk of users losing the seal during use. Great for organizing all your small items such as candy, jewelry, beeswax, and more as a survival kit.

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Rectangular black tin with hinges

The hinged rectangular black tin is another design that prevents users from closing the lid. It also allows easy access to the contents without needing a separate lid or closure, allowing consumers to open and close it easily. Seamless edges eliminate the risk of any messy leaks during use. Additionally, the hinge mechanism allows the lid to remain securely attached to the jar, preventing it from being lost or falling into the contents. Their range of applications is ideal for storing various small items, such as lip balm, keys, holiday gift cards, and any other small item in daily life.

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Welcome to customize

We can customize any shape from rectangular to round, whether you are packaging chocolates, cosmetics, tea, or gifts, black cans offer durability, protection, and convenience. Then, when you want to customize a batch of black tins, you can start with the shape and function above. You are welcome to contact us on the official website for more information.